Nooshin Noghreian

As an Iranian/American woman, I consolidate two cultures to investigate a dynamic contrast in forms in and out of focus. Certain smells, tastes, sounds and colors still bring up recollections of my childhood in Iran. Arriving in Los Angeles as a child, I became an astute observer of a culture that was full of possibilities; the world is my constant stimulation. Science and art became of special interest to me at an early age. As an endodontist, working with my hands is part of my day-to-day life. I look at dentistry as another realm of art.
In the studio, I leave the cerebral life behind and work directly from emotion and intuition. My work is a search for contrast, texture, and the feeling in my fingers when the paint reaches the canvas. I look at painting as a process of endless possibilities where I can express my innermost emotions and values without restriction, doubt or judgment. Patterns and lines are always a relief to me, reminiscent of the scientific part of my life. I’m inspired by images that have different perspectives and angles, images that are in and out of focus. I experiment with different textures and colors as a work develops. The joy is in the process of painting as well as reaching the final result. Sometimes, I can breathe better if I put down certain colors in certain places during the development of the piece. This sentiment is liberating and allows for optimal lucidity and creativity. Art is a necessity that I cannot live without.